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Date Your Dog

For Ladies Only

Just for fun, here are men matched, personality-wise, to the different types of dogs.

You’re a sucker for warm paws, cold noses, and big brown eyes. But do you really want more than one dog in your life? Think of his personality as a different breed or class and that may give you an insight as to how he might behave on a date and after. Is your man a Westminster’s Best in Show or a just a bad dog trying to escape from the shelter.

1. The Puppy

Beware ladies, these fluffy little fellows are cute and cuddly on the outside but on the inside they’re seriously high maintenance men. These are ones that have never been housebroken. Listen carefully to his helpless sounds. Does he yip, cry or whine at every little set back? Warning: You’ll be picking up his chewy toys before you know it.

2. The Working Dog

Excellent work ethic, ambitious, determined and successful. But they’re often poor companions. Look for missed dates, excuses, or a distracted date with a cell phone that won't shut up. Hint: Be honest and let him know you need a guy who’s a little more focused on you.

3. The Hound Dog

Great at what they do—hounding. Their insistent baying will force you to give in. Don’t. Stop the pestering before it starts, tell him it’s your way or the highway. He may have treed his last prey.

4. Perfectly Groomed

These gentlemen are the players. Perfectly groomed and easily carried home by any pretty trainer, boy toys just want to have fun. That’s fine if fun’s what you want to have too. But if you’re looking for something more substantial, leave these guys to their brushes and combs.

5. The Herders

These guys are alert, prepared and great for spotting trouble. They maybe a bit overprotective, a bit on the worrywart side. And they have a tendency to make choices for you. If you like to take risks and love adventure these super helper dogs may not make a good match.

6. The Mutt

If none of the above sound like they’re right for you, try a mixed breed. With a hybrid you’ll get the better of two classes. How about a Lab plus a Shepherd? That could get you a smart, quick but too-small-to-bully-you kind of guy. Maybe a working hound—let him bother his coworkers for the overdue projects and save the rest of his energy just for you.

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