It all started with a challenge.

The 2005 National Novel Writing Month challenged me to do what I’ve always dreamed of: finishing and publishing a novel. In 2008, my first self-published novel, "A Saving Hurricane" (Booklocker, 2008) was made available on and through 


And now there's more!

 A Saving Hurricane


To escape from her abusive husband, Celeste St. John takes her children and inadvertently heads straight into New Orleans the day after Hurricane Katrina has nearly washed away the city. She lives in an abandoned home and assumes a new identity as Adele Brown. She and her children struggle with the rest of the city to overcome the devastation and despair. With the help of Mama Rae, cooking maven, she finds a new career as a chef and owner of a restaurant. She meets a New Orleans police officer, John Sherman, who tests her desire to keep all men at a safe distance. She can either lie or tell him the truth and reveal her fraud.


Find Me a Woman


Kate Spiegel, a widowed mother of a three-year-old, co-owner of a small Minneapolis sports public relations firm receives THE call from powerful agent, Sol Silbersten, who offers her a dream contract. Her new client: Jonah Messner, the handsome, high-profile quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. Silberstein’s request is three-fold: First, shed the bad publicity due to a suicide of woman, who claimed Jonah was the father of her non-existent child. Second, rebrand Jonah as a “sensitive man.” Lastly, find him a woman with whom he can develop a serious relationship and perhaps marry. Kate’s co-owner Annette Rainier, nickname, the campaign Operation Finding Cinderella (OFC). The odds are against them as Jonah’s parents want Adrianna Heller (think Paris Hilton with a nasty temper), his ex-girlfriend to marry him and end OFC. 
Kate and Jonah have a publicly aired fight. Clearly, the two have more than agent-client feelings for each other. Finally, Cecilia Berger, the almost perfect (except for a territorial Pomeranian) woman dates Jonah. The contract with Silberstein is now fulfilled. Kate decides she must tell Jonah how she feels. 



The tradition continues! The Greater Lehigh Valey Writer's Group 2017 Anthology. Prose, essays  and  poems. Edited by yours truly. The theme of connections was treated with a variety of different approaches.

A themed collection of stories, some fiction, some taken from life. All based on "connections": real or imagined, personal or across vast distances and time. Scary, serious, inspirational, funny. These tales will transport you to other places, other times, or maybe just to your own back yard. Includes poetry and essays by our members